I have couple questions before I go to the local computer shop and buy another wireless adaptor.

1. I presume zd1211 modules are capable of ONLY one data link connection at a time? I have 2 computers each with zd1211 USB modules, and they communicate fine. I've done all the ad-hoc settings, and the rest.

this is what I have, A and B are computers each with zd1211 modules

however, I need a structure in the following format:
A<------------>B<-------------->C where B is a computer but acts as an AP (actually a router). At the moment I have only 2 wireless adaptors and I can't test it for myself. Basically, it is the routing functionality that I am interested in.

2. The last time I checked (around 7-8 months ago), zd1211 modules worked with a single adaptor only, ie, only one adaptor per computer. is there a way around it, so that I can have 2 USB adaptors and thus use it as a router, ie, one adaptor for the incoming connection and one for the outgoing?

To sum up: Ideally I would like to have a computer that acts as a wireless router and has an incoming and outgoing wireless connections.

I can always get a non-zd1211 adaptor and run 2 modules at the same time, but I was wandering what your answers to my 2 questions are...


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