On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Ali BT wrote:

> 1. I presume zd1211 modules are capable of ONLY one data link connection at a 
> time?

As with almost all wifi devices, the zd1211 device can participate a) in 
an ad-hoc network, b) as a client in a managed network (connecting to an 
access point), or c) act as an access point.

> however, I need a structure in the following format:
> A<------------>B<-------------->C  where B is a computer but acts as an AP 
> (actually a router).

Note that "router" doesn't mean the same as "AP". "AP" is a wifi thing, 
"router" is a network thing. You can very well run a network router in 
ad-hoc (wifi) mode.

> 2. The last time I checked (around 7-8 months ago), zd1211 modules worked 
> with a single adaptor only, ie, only one adaptor per computer. is there a way 
> around it, so that I can have 2 USB adaptors and thus use it as a router

This is not needed. Setup the zd1211 stick on the router in ad-hoc mode, 
let the other two machines participate in the ad-hoc network, assign 
different IPs to them (or run a dhcp server on the router machine), and 
set the default gateway on the A and C machine to B's wifi IP address (or 
use dhcp for that). That's it. Be sure B's wifi is up when you setup A and 
C's wifi.

You can as well configure B's zd1211 driver to use master mode (=AP mode) 
and let A and C connect as AP clients. Be sure to read the wiki.

> one adaptor for the incoming connection and one for the outgoing?

There is no such thing as an "incoming" and "outgoing" connection in wifi. 
Data is sent in both directions in every case.


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