Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:
> Is it known and just "not implemented yet" or is it just my dongle? With 
> the "old" driver the LED on my dongle blinked cheerfully during transfers 
> and just from time to time for fun:-) Now with rw it stays quiet:-(

That's correct. The vendor driver simply blinks the LED at fixed 
intervals, it doesn't actually indicate how much traffic is flying around.

To implement it, they have a routine which runs every few milliseconds, 
which blinks the LED amongst other things. This is the reason why people 
complain that the vendor driver results in a significant jump in CPU 
usage - the driver does too much in a routine which is called too often.

So, we need to be more careful when we implement these timer-based 
routines. Ulrich started working on the infrastructure behind it, but 
we're not ready yet.


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