IIRC zd1211rw uses ethx instead of wlanx. Unfortunately i hadn't much 
time in testing the new code.



> Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 22:58:43 +0200
> From: Harald Dunkel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [zd1211-devs] 2.6.18-rc1: zd1211rw doesn't work yet?
> To: Zd1211-devs@lists.sourceforge.net
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
> Hi folks,
> I have used the "external" zd1211 driver for months without problems,
> but the integrated version in 2.6.18-rc1 does not work for me.
> iwconfig says:
> wlan0     802.11g zd1211  ESSID:""
>           Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: Invalid
>           Bit Rate=1 Mb/s
>           Encryption key:XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX   Security mode:open
>           Link Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:0
>           Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
>           Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0
> I had expected something like this (running iwconfig for
> + zd1211 rev80):
> wlan0     802.11b/g NIC  ESSID:"harrinet"
>           Mode:Managed  Frequency=2.432 GHz  Access Point: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
>           Bit Rate:54 Mb/s
>           Retry:off   RTS thr=2432 B   Fragment thr:off
>           Encryption key:****-****-****-****-****-****-**   Security mode:open
>           Power Management:off
>           Link Quality=84/100  Signal level=55/100  Noise level=0/100
>           Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:44
>           Tx excessive retries:145  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0
> Please note that there is no MAC for 2.6.18-rc1.
> ???
> Any hint would be highly appreciated. Of course I would be glad to
> help debugging.
> Regards
> Harri


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