The signal strength measurement code in zd1211rw doesn't seem to work at 
the moment - the values it reads seem to be fairly inaccurate.

How well does signal strength measuring work for you users of the 
vendor/community-maintained driver? There are clearly some drawbacks 
with their code, so I'm just deciding how much we should be copying it...

If people are interested in helping, info such as the following (from 
the vendor/community driver) would be useful:

- Does the driver read (almost) full strength when the system is right 
next to the AP?
- Does the strength visibly decrease as you get a long way away from the 
access point?
- If there are 2 or more AP's on your network, does the strength 
difference measured between the access points reflect reality in some form?
- If you have multiple ZD1211 devices, it would be useful if you could 
repeat the measurements on different devices and see if there is much 
variance at this level.


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