Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:
> You mean these 2 options:
> # CONFIG_IEEE80211_DEBUG is not set
> # CONFIG_IEEE80211_SOFTMAC_DEBUG is not set


> ? The problem with them is - they are called "full debugging", which 
> usually means "noisy all the time" up to "unuseable because of debugging 
> overhead". No, haven't tried yet, could try, but I'd need debug level 0 - 
> only report in error cases. I cannot "just test", I use it and from time 
> to time such situations occur. Or is there such a mode already?

IEEE80211 debug is silent until configured in /proc. softmac debug is 
very quiet.

zd1211rw debug is noisier but is nowhere near the unusable level. It 
will be silent once you are connected to a network, until a problem 
comes along.

It is also often essential when investigating bugs to have full debug 
output -- messages related to the error alone do not cut it, because the 
series of events leading up to the error usually have strong relevance.


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