Remco wrote:
> Have you thought about trying some well known instruction sets like Intel 
> 8052 / Atmel AVR ? Even the chip makers that have their own instruction sets 
> seem to make 8052 based chips as well. I think the Intel 8052 instruction set 
> would be your best bet, since 8052 based micro controllers just seem the most 
> widely used.

We're fairly sure that it is a custom CPU for zydas. They haven't 
confirmed this, but have indicated so. If you'd like to compare the 
instruction set to other CPU's that would be much appreciated, you can 
see notes.txt for the bit patterns.

And yes, I'm aware of the hint in the vendor driver about the jump. This 
is slightly confusing though, this *must* be a conditional jump 
otherwise the code flow would make no sense. I originally thought I had 
identified a 2nd jump instruction but I now realise that this is a movw.


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