On 07-01-27 22:26 Jon Smirl wrote:

> In order to learn more about how the zd1211 works I though I could try
> implementing a few missing functions in the dscape zd1211 driver. The
> easiest ones looked to be the statistics functions.
> get_stats needs this filled:
> struct ieee80211_low_level_stats {
>         unsigned int dot11ACKFailureCount;
>         unsigned int dot11RTSFailureCount;
>         unsigned int dot11FCSErrorCount;
>         unsigned int dot11RTSSuccessCount;
> }
> get_tx_stats needs this filled, one per queue:
> struct ieee80211_tx_queue_stats_data {
>         unsigned int len; /* num packets in queue */
>         unsigned int limit; /* queue len (soft) limit */
>         unsigned int count; /* total num frames sent */
> };
> I've been poking around in the vendor driver amd zd1211rw and don't
> see an obvious way to collect this data. For example I didn't see
> where RTS success/failure is tracked. I also haven't located the exact
> spot to separate FCS (CRC errors) from other classes of errors.

We do/emulate ACK confirmation for packet tx in d80211, so it
should be possible to estimate the error count. However it is not
obvious to me, what the semantics is here. Are ACK failures for
retransmissions also counted here?

There is no simple way to count the RTS failures and successes. You could
however get all the RTS packets and work from that. However I
would regard this as waste of device-to-host bandwidth, which is
shared of all USB devices on the same host adapter.

FCS errors are in struct rx_status (ZD_RX_CRC32_ERROR) if ZD_RX_ERROR is set. 

Queue stats might be possible, if we start to understand how
queuing does work for the ZD1211B. I guess that the high byte of packet
length in zd_ctrlset is used for this. But we don't know how
exactly. Notify there is no support for queuing in ZD1211 devices.

Uli Kunitz

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