On 2/3/07, Ulrich Kunitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 07-01-28 13:41 Jon Smirl wrote:
> > Is the zd1211b still being produced? Or is Atheros killing it? I'm
> > working on an embedded design and I don't want to design in a part
> > that is disappearing.
> I don't know. On the web page http://www.atheros.com/RD you still
> can find the contact data of sales personnel.

I had been attracted to the zd1211 because it was easily available at
low cost. Now I'm beginning to think that was because the vendors were
getting rid of their stock. I have been able to get Gigabyte version
for $10.

Lately I have started looking at ralink based modules. They are
running about $20.
I would like to find an 802.11 a/b/g adapter based on this module, but
I have been unable to locate one.

A while ago I saw a mail mentioning that there was a wireless chip
that had open doc but nobody had written a driver for. Anyone remember
which chip that was? We should send it to GregKH and see if he will
write the driver.

> However the chip itself is nowhere mentioned on the website and a
> google search finds only the Linux related pages.
> Kind regards,
> Ulrich
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> Uli Kunitz

Jon Smirl

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