I've added AL2230S support to zd1211rw and it is working nicely.

Here are the patches needed for mainline Linux:

(you need both, applied in that order)

Due to the feature freeze on the linux kernel, AL2230S support will not 
be included in Linux 2.6.21.

2.6.21 (and probably Linux will include the first patch, which 
will make the current driver reject AL2230S devices. Right now it 
detects them as AL2230 and doesn't work correctly but it's not obvious why.

2.6.22 will include the whole thing.

Here is the patch for zd1211rw-mac80211 (previously known as 


(you only need the one patch with that tree)

The vendor driver hacks around a bit and explicitly detects AL2230 and 
AL2230S as different RF codes. However, the way it is actually 
implemented (which is what zd1211rw respects) is that AL2230S is the 
same as AL2230 with an extra flag (this is why the misdetection was 

After applying the above patches, this flag can be seen at the end of 
the chip ID line, the 5th flag character is 'S' for AL2230S and '-' for 
otherwise. Here is the chip ID for my AL2230S device:

zd1211b chip 0ace:1215 v4810 high 00-02-72 AL2230_RF pa0 g--NS

And for my AL2230:

zd1211b chip 0ace:1215 v4810 high 00-02-72 AL2230_RF pa0 g--N-

UW2453 support coming soon.


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