Tom Hunter wrote:
> I don't rely on the USB vendor/product-IDs to distinguish between ZD1211 
> and ZD1211B (Abocom don't assign unique product-IDs), but use the 
> firmware version instead.

The firmware version is definitely not an accurate way to distinguish 
between chip type -- we tried this before.

I'd suggest that you open the device and physically check the markings 
on the chip. If it really is a reused ID I will ask ZyDAS to shout 
loudly at Abocom (they offered to do so if we ever find a vendor who 
does this...)

> Also if I get a E2P_POD of 0x0A then I force 
> the al2230s_bit to 1 to handle the RF chip as a AL2230S. This works 
> great with both types of Abocom WLAN modules.

I wrote a similar patch a few weeks ago which was posted to this list. 
It's already on it's way upstream for 2.6.23.


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