Hi Tom,

Atheros supposedly contacted Abocom about this to make sure that Abocom 
stop using 07b8:6001 for ZD1211B devices (this has historically been a 
ZD1211 ID).

We still don't have a way of determining whether a device is ZD1211 or 
ZD1211B before firmware load time, except for USB ID, which in your case 
is not reliable.

There is another option now: you can use the freshly-released 
zd1211memtool to change the USB ID of the device, which is stored in the 
EEPROM and flashable over the usual USB interface.


For your ZD1211B devices that have the 07b8:6001 ID, you would do:

./zd1211memtool --action=e2pmodify --device=zd1211b \
        --usbvid=07b8 --usbpid=6001 \
        --modify-vid=0ace --modify-pid=1215

Be aware that reprogramming EEPROM is a dangerous action. It seems to 
work for me though. As usual we're using undocumented registers to copy 
from device RAM to device ROM, but this time the consequences of a 
mistake would be more serious...

I suggest you use the e2pdump action to backup your EEPROM first, just 
in case. There is currently no way to restore the EEPROM from a backup 
but if required it could be added relatively easily.

Hope this helps!

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