I've noticed this behavior in the zd1211rw driver for a few months now 
and haven't seen anyone else mention it.  I think it's odd.  The system 
is Debian Sid with a git kernel, usually daily.

When I first boot and plug in the wireless usb stick Debian properly 
identifies it and hotplugs it.  However, the usb stick will not actually 
associate with any given AP until I use `iwconfig eth0 essid off` at 
which point it will pick the first AP with which it can negotiate a 
connection with.  Subsequent `iwconfig eth0 essid off` will toggle the 
essid (and related AP) between "off/any" and the target essid.

This is where things become hazy.  If, instead of `iwconfig eth0 essid 
off` I used `iwconfig eth0 essid <ap_essid>` the `iwconfig` output will 
change to reflect the desired essid (and related AP) but the wireless 
connection will still not be negotiated until `iwconfig eth0 essid off`.  
Well, sometimes it will--about one in ten tries.

This leads me to, most often, need to do the following:

On one tty (or screen), `ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0` and then, while 
dhclient is trying to find a connection, `iwconfig eth0 essid off` on 
another tty (or screen).

This is using an AirLink 101, firmware version 4605, zd1211 chip 
0ace:1211 v4330 full 00-11-a3 AL2230_RF pa0

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