Steven wrote:

> I've noticed this behavior in the zd1211rw driver for a few months now 
> and haven't seen anyone else mention it.  I think it's odd.  The system 
> is Debian Sid with a git kernel, usually daily.
> When I first boot and plug in the wireless usb stick Debian properly 
> identifies it and hotplugs it.  However, the usb stick will not actually 
> associate with any given AP until I use `iwconfig eth0 essid off` at 
> which point it will pick the first AP with which it can negotiate a 
> connection with.  Subsequent `iwconfig eth0 essid off` will toggle the 
> essid (and related AP) between "off/any" and the target essid.
> This is where things become hazy.  If, instead of `iwconfig eth0 essid 
> off` I used `iwconfig eth0 essid <ap_essid>` the `iwconfig` output will 
> change to reflect the desired essid (and related AP) but the wireless 
> connection will still not be negotiated until `iwconfig eth0 essid off`.  
> Well, sometimes it will--about one in ten tries.
> This leads me to, most often, need to do the following:
> On one tty (or screen), `ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0` and then, while 
> dhclient is trying to find a connection, `iwconfig eth0 essid off` on 
> another tty (or screen).
> This is using an AirLink 101, firmware version 4605, zd1211 chip 
> 0ace:1211 v4330 full 00-11-a3 AL2230_RF pa0


I have seen the later mail and starting now to see your problem.
It seems that you can get associated if you are not giving the
essidi (off), but you have trouble with the initial setup. I have
not a lot of experience with Debians init scripts and WLAN
installation, but there have been reports that they doesn't work
well with WLAN adapters. I know this a poor situation, but
currently we cannot do a lot about it.

For the softmac driver I'm always recommending to set all the
necessary parameters before you call ifconfig eth0 up and I
believe this is the problem with the default debian configuration.
ifconfig eth0 up means in the WLAN code that the device should
start to associate and this requires the parameters to be set

Kind regards,


Uli Kunitz

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