Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your response and providing some pointers. I see that in my
RFS, the entire "udev" stuff is missing. Both from /etc and lib folder.
(this is the embedded distribution I got from our hardware platform vendor).

Any specific step to set it up (any doc anywhere other than man page)?
Does udev has some dependency on kernel too?


On 8/16/07, Sebastian Siewior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> * Nazim Khan | 2007-08-16 13:29:20 [+0530]:
> >I tried placing the firmware
> >/libs/firmware/zd1211/
> >/zd1211/
> mine is in /lib/firmware/zd1211/ (note the s in your path, maybe a
> typo).
> >but it did not work? Where exactly this firmware is supposed to be.
> Check your udev config, you should have a line like
> SUBSYSTEM=="firmware", ACTION=="add", RUN+="firmware.sh"
> My /lib/udev/firmware.sh has FIRMWARE_DIRS set to /lib/firmware.
> >TIA
> >Nazim
> Sebastian

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