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> Hi Hin,
> Thanks for the info.
> So far my 2.22 driver is working fine except one problem
> that under
> stress I get AP loss
> (did not receive the beacon in the 5 seconds).
> I was hoping that this issue may get fixed with the latest
> driver
> version but even gave me the same
> problem. I did not check your patch changes though.
> I had same issue with 2.18 version also. I tested on PC as
> well as on
> my ARM based board but everywhere
> I get the same problem.

Next to the newer patchset is a similiar set for the older 2_22 at:

(sorry I just realized I misspelled patchset during the upload for both!) I 
didn't want to advertise the older set since 2.22 itself is considered 
obsolete. As in 3.0, some of them are for porting to newer kernels, some are 
bug fixes, some are cosmetic, but the headers or even the name of each patch 
would say what each one does. The separation of patches for different purposes 
are less clear cut in the 2.22 series - or rather, after patching the 2.22 by 
trial and error,  when I was porting 3.0 to newer kernels, etc, I did it more 



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