--- On Sat, 30/1/10, Dani Gutiérrez <jdani...@gmail.com> wrote:

> 'Network is down'
> -> 'ifconfig wlan1 up' first...
> also make sure NetworkManager/wpa_supplicant are down, as
> they interfere with manual operation like these - you should
> do *either* iwconfig/iwlist *or*
> networkmanger/wpa_supplicant but not both.
> Thanks for your hack-help. Now everything is ok 

It isn't that much of a hack - the ifconfig is fairly standard for manually 
starting a network interface - if you go manual, you have to do 
ifconfig/iwconfig/iwlist all the way. 

If you had chosen to run NetworkManager instead, wpa_supplicant would be 
started by NetworkkManager automatically, ifconfig is also run by 
NetworkManager, and all you do instead is put the iwconfig ESSID info into 
networkmanager's applet GUI - that's how it is supposedly to work for most 


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