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  --- seif 2010-10-27 10:28pm ---
  Lets discuss this idea.
  Do we want it as a supported extension or do we want to have in the engine. 
Or do we want it as a community extension? How relevant is that to our current 
work? How could it help Unity and others?
  --- thekorn 2010-10-28 09:09 am ---
  I like the overall idea of making it easier to query for all open/active 
subjects at a given timestamp. Without commenting on the code you already have 
in the branch which is linked to this blueprint, I think we should develop the 
functionality as an external/community extension first. And once everything is 
polished, and working well enough we should decide whether we would like to 
have it as an (in-zeitgeist) extension or as part of the engine API.
  --- alexlauni 2010-11-09 10:23 am ---
  Being able to get relevancy info for what is happening *now* would be 
fantastic. It seems like this allows an amount of projection into what the user 
will be doing in the near future, which is obviously immensely powerful.
  --- seif 2010-11-16 11:12 ---
  I would very much like to have the opinions of kamstrup and rainct as well as 
mhr3 and manish
+ --- kamstrup 2010-11-17 9:37 ---
+ I'm sorry, but I think this proposal is far from thought through. There are 
*so* many things that can go wrong when you try to match up Access and Leave 
events. We have been over this countless times and I've never seen a robust 
solution. We can try and make up for these shortcomings with all sorts of 
elaborate heuristics (most of which will have horrible execution times) but I 
don't like that too much. This is the path of black magic.
+ Also how do you propose "So when searching stuff can be sorted by
+ relevancy to the current context of work." would work technically? This
+ strikes me as something that is expensive either in CPU or memory unless
+ we are extraordinarily clever about it. - Not saying it's impossible,
+ but that I think it will take more than just some clever SQL (read:
+ lowlevel bit fiddling to implement some auxiliary structures to adapt
+ Xapian/sqlite's sorting routines).
+ A more realistic, and robust, approach is probably to make a real
+ snapshot of the whole environment and put it on a timeline. Then having
+ some clever routines to look up "similar environment snapshots" and do
+ some time shifting analysis etc.

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