Alsalamu Aliekum,

Jazakum Allah khier for this wonderful program. I have been searching for a Mac 
friendly program like this for a while and I'm really happy I found this one. 

I have two questions. The first is that I downloaded two additional recitations 
to be available offline. and I added them to Zekr. But they won't play. I dont 
know what's wrong. 

The other question is: Is it possible to play one sura continously? As in to 
have one sura keep repeating. When I put repeat, it repeats the ayahs the set 
number of times, but I can't figure out how to have the whole surah read over 
and over again. 

Jazakum Allah khier for this endeavor, and for your help with these issues. May 
Allah reward you in this world and the next, inshaAllah. 


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