The words "THANK YOU" may not be enough to express our gratitude for
the extraordinary effort you and your team have put together and made
ZEKR available free to all.

God Bless you and your team & pray God bountifully award you for your
noble efforts - Ameen.

We would like to upload a "parallel recitation" file for others to
use. The file is quite large ~3.8GB (almost 1 DVD).

The parallel verse-by-verse recitations consist of :

    ARABIC recitation by Sheikh Abdullah Basfar,
    ENGLISH recitation by Ibrahim Walk (Saheeh International
    All recitation files comes from ZEKR & VERSEBYVERSEQURAN.

The file "" is ready to use once
authenticated by ZEKR (it has been successfully installed & is in

Pls. advise how can we forward or upload this file to ZEKR?

Can we send it to you on a DVD, if so can you pls. provide your postal

Kind Regards - SB.

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