Salam alaykoum,

First of all, please allow me to wish to you Ramadhan karim and a blessed
Aid el-fitr (in advance :) ) to all for you...

I have two suggestions/questions and please let me know how I can contribute
to make this achievement ?

 -1> is it possible to add a MANZIL paging mode (The Quraan divided into 7
equals parts)
   you can have a look at:
   at:  (in english)

 -2> why not to narrow or to link or simply to add also the Hadiths
recognized as valid; offering by this the two views:
    - Sunnah view (The well-know 6 books: Authentics of Bukhari & Muslim,
Sunan of Abu-Dawud, Musnad, Muwata of Malik, etc... )
    - Shia view (The 3 books of Shia aka the "3 muhammads")

fi aman Allah

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