Salaamun Alaikum wr,

1. Sorry, but I couldn't understand your point about mute button. Do you
mean pause button? It works for me as before. Which recitation you use?
Please tell me the exact scenario to reproduce the bug.

2. Is it useful to show ayas starting with a letter? I doubt if this would
be a common scenario to search for something in Qura'n whose 'aya' start
with a letter? People usually search for keywords not aya by starting
letter. It's however justifiable to have a quick search (suggest box, like
what we currently have in root tab) for all terms in the Quran.

3. I didn't promise anything about this version as far as I can remember. I
just prioritize features based on user requests. I'll try, however, to see
if I this is possible to have a virtual keyboard for this release or not.

4. There are already shortcuts for navigation. E.g. Alt+Left, Alt+Right,
Alt+Up, Alt+Down, .... All of these navigation buttons can be customized in
shortcut.xml <>. What do you mean by easy
navigation. It's customizable. Isn't it enough?

P.S. I received no attachment (screenshot or something). The image you used
in the mail wasn't readable for Gmail or Google groups.


On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 7:18 PM, SOQTE <> wrote:

> Wa alaikum Assalam,
> Dear Bro Mohsen,
> I would like to inform your goodself that after installing last update of
> Zekr, the Mute button is not resuming back as shown below.
> Further you may heard about the MUSHAF Software from in which
> there is Letter based fast search i.e. when we enter any Arabic Alphabet in
> the search bar then within no time it shows us result of all the Ayahs
> which starts with that particular Arabic Alphabet. Also is it possible to
> search a particular word in any specific Surah.
> Moreover, as promised you have not placed the Arabic Keyboard so that it
> could be easy for non Arabs. Also it is second time I am requesting you for
> the shortcut buttons for easy navigation.
> Thanking you in anticipation,
> Waiting for your kind information,
> May Allah bless you in this world and hereafter. Ameen
> Your Bro in Islam,
> Tanweer Ahmad
> Wassalam

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