Salam brother and thank you :)

Are you planning to add any new features?

Please look at and see if you can port any feature to Zekr.
QuranCode is written in C# so it is only runs on Windows. In sha Allah next 
magor version will use Mono and Grid computing if Allah wills.

Try out the Tooltip word-by-word info and see if we can help brother Mohsen add 
it to Zekr.
If you need any help understanding the data files (transliteration, 
word-by-word meaning, wordpart-by-wordpart grammar) I would be very happy to 
help the best offline Quran software on the net.



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I have resolve the errors but now i am stuck at project building phase :), I 
cannot get it run like simple JAVA app. 
When dig some deep into problem i found that there are some other things that 
also need to be installed like java wrapper (found in ant build file). 
Well now i am fighting with this new build thing. 

Zekr have poor documentation for developers. 
If you need my help please let me know. 

Note: When build issue is fixed i will post its instructions too ^_^ 


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