We use SVN in our office for version control and will be soon move to Git 
or Mercurial.
The version control should be updated as soon as things are changed.
This is because if something wrong happen (machine dead, files deleted etc) 
the files from CVS or SVN can be restored.

For RC-n or Gold or Silver (Releases) we usually use Tag or Label, you can 
use those too.
When releasing create a tag, label and name it release version.


On Friday, November 9, 2012 7:53:05 PM UTC+5, Mohsen Saboorian wrote:
> Salaam,
> Good R&D :)
> Our current src folder on CVS is unfortunately incomplete because 
> contributed resource manager is still incomplete, and not ready to be 
> committed to the version control. But to resolve those compilation issues, 
> it's provided in zekr-src.jar which is bundled with all Zekr packages from 
> So the best way to setup a working Zekr with complete source 
> code is:
> 1. Download one a Zekr package from our download page.
> 2. Create a java project in your IDE.
> 3. Add all .jar files from <Zekr Installation/Unzipped folder>/lib to your 
> project
> 4. Unzip <Zekr Installation/Unzipped folder>/src/zekr-src.jar into your 
> project source folder.
> 5. Run
> Regars,
> Mohsen

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