Thank you very much Donald I appreciate this information. However, i did not 
totally understand what it is talking about with sitting meditation. It 
indicates that it is some form of Qi cultivation meditation, but its does not 
give any specifics on the practice. Also I thought that doing Qi meditations 
like that without the proper supervision could be dangerous. Would you please 
elaborate a little more on this practice so I can understand what it is talking 
about a little better. Again thank you very much.

donald hwong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Every school is different in practice, though short term effectiveness are 
different, similar benefits in the long run nevertheless.

I can only speak of the practice that I am familiar with.  Here is the link to 
my school for your reference.

We are Chan from China, a rare one in the west, with both Motion Zen and 
Sitting Zen.

Each of us are here due to our own cause and effect.  So, if you decide to try 
this method and having questions, just let me know. 

This is me.

Donald - JMJM

Phillip Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:      
  Thank you for your warm welcome Bill. Here is a question for the group.
  I have read some things on zazen from this forum and on the internet as well 
as in books. when I meditate I calm myself and allow myself to rest and relax. 
For a few moments I do nothing but sit and allow my thoughts and everything to 
arise without  attaching myself to them. Then I let my attention rest on my 
breath's sensation at the tip of the nose and I follow it in and out to try and 
become aware of it. I was wondering if this is an acceptable practice or if I 
needed to do something different? In some meditations it says that I need to 
rest my aatention in my "hara" or on some visualized point on my forhead as 
well as becoming aware of my breathing. This can all be very confusing.
     Would somone please help me by telling me an appropriate way to meditate, 
or just please give me some points on practice? It needs to be understood that 
where I live I have no Zen teacher but only myself.

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          Al,  Welcome to the Zen Forum!
  As you can tell by scanning the postings over the past several weeks there 
has not been much action except the reason short exchanges prompted by Tony 
Wu’s posting.  I hope you’ll feel free to engage whenever there are postings of 
interest, and I encourage you to initiate some threads of your own.
  Peace to All too, (except Al (the old one) who needs no peace - only wu)
        Al (the new one) wrote:
  Peace to All,
Hello everyone. My name is Allen Rogers and I am new to this group 
and I look forward to many discussions with you.


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