I joined. Thanks for the recommendation.

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When you meditate, invite yourself to feel the self-esteem, the dignity and the strong humility of the Buddha that you are. (Sogyal Rinpoche)


Hands palm-to-palm.


This is a Forum of the Lotus Meditation Center in Seward , Nebraska , in its temple outreach to all those who do not live nearby and cannot regularly participate in the center's activities.


Though traditionally a Sangha is a local in-person community, in our modern world it seems to be appropriate to use all means available in bringing the Dharma to as many people as possible in order to connect as e-Sangha members for sharing, instruction and fellowship.


On most days you will just receive an inspirational quote and occasionally some news or updates by the meditation center. Additionally, members are encouraged to share their own resources or experiences.


We would look forward to sharing with you the meditation path that has helped so many people for the last 2,500 years. If you like, simply send a blank email to e-sangha-subscribe@ yahoogroups. com





www.lotus-meditatio n-center. org

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Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to practice Zen myself.

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> what are the precepts?

Knowledge of Buddhist Precepts, Refuges, etc..., are not a pre-requiste
for practicing zen. In fact in most cases they are, as is all
knowledge, a hindrance.

The only thing necessary to practice zen, if that is your interest, is
to sit - meaning do zazen. Pacticing zazen clears your mind of all
intellectual and emotional clutter, including concepts such as
precepts, refuges, right:wrong, I:you, beginner:sensei, etc...

Forget about all the other things you have read or been taught. Just
sit. That's enough. Anything else is too much...Bill!


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