On Thursday, January 03 Mike Brown wrote:

>Hi Bill. I don't have much to say about your words regarding sentient
beings, Christianity and Enlightenment >because I think our views are in
accord. However, I'd just like to add that in discussions about zen and the
>bodhisattva ideal there is often some confusion about what this actually
means. What do you think about the idea >that a bodhisattva isn't someone
who puts off entering Nirvana as some 'solemn duty' (Watts words, I believe)
in >order to save us, but that Nirvana is here and now and that an
Enlightened person realises there's no difference >between the
transcendental and this world. Look forward to reading your thoughts. Mike


It looks like we're in agreement again.  What an unfortunate turn of events
for the Zen Forum!  However, my reasoning is a little different than yours.

'Nirvana' is a mental construct, a teaching tool.  Anyone that is truly
enlightened has grasped that there is no 'enlightenment', nor 'Nirvana'; so
I would think that to a bodhisattva, this saying is meaningless.  It much
like the Christian concept of The Kingdom of Heaven.  This is not somewhere
you may go when you die. It is here, now, all around you. (Matthew 10:5 7)
It is available to you immediately - just like enlightenment.




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