Mark your Calendar  SPRING Zen Retreat


Lotus Virtual Temple

                            Lincoln, Nebraska   

                                                   Lead by Fa Jiàn, OHY


     Friday, April, 25, 7:30 p.m. to Sunday, April 27, 2008, noon


Registration deadline: April 1, 2008. Reservation is limited to 6
participants. First come, first served. If the retreat is cancelled or
filled, any deposits and/or tuition will be refunded.  Send registration
form to: Lotus Virtual Temple, P.O. Box 29282, Lincoln, NE 68529. Your
registration will be confirmed via email along with other details prior to
the registration deadline. For questions, email HYPERLINK
"mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]"[EMAIL PROTECTED] or visit the LVT web site


This retreat in the style of Zen involves silent meditation periods and
breathing practice.  In Zen meditation we divest our mind of all conditioned
concepts and imagery, in order to receive the pure and simple light of true
(or Buddha) nature that is already in each of us.  This retreat is for those
who are relatively new to Zen; or Zen practitioners who would like to
experience a more intensive practice; or those who have not yet begun the
practice of Zen.  Please wear loose fitting clothes of neutral colors.
Sittings are scheduled at different lengths with other activities, talks and
breaks. Meals are shared.


Some of the other benefits of meditation include:

*       Fostering a sense of peace, calm and well-being, extending beyond
the period of meditation and into activities of daily life. 
*       Increasing the ability to focus the mind and stop being at the mercy
of uncontrollable thoughts and worries.
*       Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system or "relaxation response"
and turns off the fight-or-flight stress response experienced in the course
of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, anger and
post-traumatic stress reactions. 

Consider the sunlight. You may say that it is near, yet if you pursue it
from world to world you will never catch it. You may say it is far, yet it
is right before your eyes. Chase it and it always eludes you; run from it
and it is always there. From this example you can understand how it is with
the true nature of things.




Name: ______________________________ Email: _______________________________

(to confirm your registration)

Address: _______________________________________Phone:_____________________


 $15 deposit enclosed ($50 tuition due at the beginning of the retreat)

 $60 deposit and tuition enclosed (save $5)  

 I cannot afford the full amount. Enclosed is $______ [No one will be turned
away due to lack of funds]



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