Hi Bill,

Here are links to the two papers. Would be glad to hear your or anyone else's comments.

http;//EdgarLOwen.com/stc.pdf theory of the physical world and consciousness
http://EdgarLOwen.com/consciousness.pdf consciousness what it is

Both have specific application to my understanding of Zen, since Zen is precisely consciousness in the sense I use the word.


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I agree with you that consciousness is the essence of zen. I prefer the word 'awareness' instead of 'consciousness', but I assume we're speaking
about the same thing. For me, 'Buddha Mind' is analogous to pure
consciousness or pure awareness, as opposed to the illusions of
self-consciousness or self-awareness.

I disagree with your statements about 'understanding' pure
consciousness/awareness. I do not believe we can 'understand' this quality because 'understanding' is a function of our rational mind, our dualistic
mind, or self-aware mind. I believe any notions of understanding pure
consciousness/awareness we do have are illusions and possible even
detrimental in experiencing pure consciousness/awareness.

I do know we can experience pure consciousness/awareness, and for me that is
the essence of zen - experiencing, not understanding.

I haven't thought much about non-human consciousness, so don't have an
opinion on that; except the very fact that you divide consciousness into
human and non-human is suspect to me.

I would like to read your papers on this subject. You could post the links
here or send them directly to me at my email address.


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Hi Bill,

I posted it here because consciousness is the essence of Zen. Zen is
precisely pure consciousness. So the more we understand about the true
nature of consciousness the more we understand about Zen. I believe we can get some good insights by considering non-human consciousnesses. I have a couple of papers on the nature of consciousness and the 'true nature of
things' if anyone is interested I could provide links to.


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