I got Zen Recovery a couple of weeks ago but I am only up to page 36. It is 
very good so far. 

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        Hi Jeni,

        Have you read Mel Ash's book on zen and recovery?Or any of the other 
recent books on Buddhism and the 12 Steps? You sound like someone who has 
experienced the nitty gritty of it all and I was wondering what your feel on 
these are. Do they sugarcoat too much? or maybe they actually catch some of the 
hardcore reality of recovering? All the best in your efforts. Thanks.


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          "Vince" wrote:> Congratulations in overcoming your addiction... .I 
know how difficult that can be...

          Are you in Recovery? I have been going to NA for the past six years 
and I found NA and zazen have made a big difference in my life. 


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