Hi All,

Based on the foundation that I have posted earlier that Chi, or life 
force, or God, or consciousness, or OE, is the supporting power to all.  
Everything else is the result of many different causes and causes of 
causes.  What does it mean in the macro sense?  How do we apply that 
understanding into our everyday life?

Understand and accept Chan means to understand and accept that every 
form or formlessness is caused by their own cause and causes of 
causes.   That is way it is and that is the way it will be.   Our entire 
universe is like that.  There is a cause for this discussion to occur.  
There is a purpose for me to post. There are reasons for anyone to 
interpret in anyway, in line the karma of each of us.  There is no right 
or wrong.

Everything and everyone that we meet is a result of some cause.  That is 
the way it is. Buddhist called every encounter, Dharma. There is no need 
to fight it, because it happened already.  There is no need to know its 
causes, because there are generations of causes.  Our job is to resolve 
and harmonize with it.  In the grand view, Chan encompasses everything 
in our lives.  A Chan practitioner understands and is liberated from his 
mind.  He sees the universe and every being as is. He listens and 
accepts every word as is.  There is no need to reject any argument.  
There are values in everything, because all is supported by the same 
life force and universal consciousness.  There is no need to 
differentiate, categorize or analyze.

No matter how we differentiate them, it is the working of our dualistic 
mind.  Maya, unscientific, unrealistic, etc. etc. are just labels from 
our egoistic mind.  If we don't use our mind, how can these labels be 
generated.  Words is form.

Surrender our ego needs to be absolute.  "A hair width apart is like 
heaven and hell."   Platform sutra.

I did say that all comments are incomplete, which includes my own.  All 
I do is to present different perspectives, like koan, for anyone to wake 
up from within.  My posts are not designed to convince, persuade or win 
any argument.  All discussions in words, are for each us to wake up from 
within. The way of Tao is like the road of Chan.  Everyway is the way.  
Every second and each being is dharma.

If ever we use words such as "just" or "only", we are limiting the 
dharma our teachers taught us.  Chan is everywhere.  Chan exist 
everywhere and in every second.  It is for us to be synced to it, 
instead of criticize, categorize it.

As a Chan practitioner, the first step is to cultivate pure body and 
pure mind.  That is just the beginning. 

A bowl to you all,


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