Hi Jody,

You are very brave and self reliant to have dealt with all this so well. I asked because my father was legally blind in his later years. The only technology he used was a TV based magnifier for reading books.


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Hi Edgar and all,

I have gotten several private emails asking me how I use the computer so I thought I would answer the list. If this is off topic for the list then
please just delete.

There is so much adaptive technology available now for all people with
disabilities. I use a screen reader called Window Eyes which reads the
computer screen. I am able to navigate all over the screen using hotkeys.
I see like looking through wax paper so I have also changed my screen
display to extra large yellow letters on a black background. I use this for simple navigating and I use the speech output for actual reading. I also have a small note taking device that has the same applications as a PDA
which also has speech output. You can check out these gadgets at:

Other adaptations around the house include a talking watch, timer,
indoor/outdoor thermometer, caller ID and book player. My husband says the
house is always talking to him.

My Buddhist reading is limited to what is available on the internet and Talking books. Actually, there is a lot recorded considering it is not a
'mainstream topic'.

I should probably mention that in my story about going to the store when I questioned the receipt, it was a friend that actually read the receipt. Actually she was annoyed that I didn't just leave and I took time to go back
and pay for the missed item.

The only thing that really bothers me about being blind is that I don't
drive. We lived in a small town where I could walk every where. The
economy was dead there so we had to move and now I live at the end of a cul
de sac. Oh well, life is about change, right?

Feel free to ask any questions,, I am happy to answer.


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