Hi Karin,
I share your point of view, except your comment on men. If I was an umpire, I 
would give a draw between wicked men and women.

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Anthony Wu > I agree you don't have to be religious to be ethical. I 
know many atheist who are good people. But I also know many who are 
bad. Especially when they have power, which they use in a wrong way. 
What stops you from doing something 'bad'? >

The #1 characteristic of most Atheists is that they are ego-maniacs 
who think of themselves as GOD and who believe that anything they do 
is good because there is no GOD and no type of higher power. The worst 
kind of Atheist thinks that he is ethical by nature and thus never 
questions his actions in spite of all the evil deeds that he does. 
Most Atheists who are evil ego-maniacs are men. 


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