What is 'loserville'? My bloody English is not good. Please explain.

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"Mayka" <> Thanks for your story. I like the best your end 
conclusion. A courageous, adventurous, cheerful way to face life. 
This is the way I imagine you be in your real life.

You know, I used to take my grandmother (or go with her) to the mall 
all the time when I was a kid. We used to take the bus. At some point, 
hanging around with her became loserville, and I can only imagine how 
she must have felt. On the other hand, I had to, and wanted to hang 
out with kids my own age and compete and socialize with them, ride 
bike, skateboard, etc. I wish I could have had time to do all things 
and to appreciate all. 

Life is very short. You can enjoy it so much and still there is lots 
that you can miss. 


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