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Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 9:35 AM
Subject: [Zen] New poll for Zen_Forum


Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the 
Zen_Forum group:

If Zen is truly the philosophy of the common man, should College Graduates
and anyone with advanced degrees be banned 
from participating in this group? Does the presence of these 
know-it-alls make it harder for the rest of us to maintain an empty mind? 

o YES, ban the smarties! 
o NO, give them a chance 
o Yes, but only if they read the Diamond Sutra 
o I blame Budda. 

To vote, please visit the following web page: 

Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are 
not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups 
web site listed above.



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