I don't know the circumstances or situation, except what you have posted below, 
so correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying this woman has been threatening 
to commit suicide for 15 years? If that's the case, then she obviously WANTS to 
live to some degree, otherwise she would have cashed her chips in a long time 


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The Jews and Muslims share a saying: If you save a life, it's as if you saved 
the world. That's rather Zen also. The truth is out there. That's a X-File 
I have a friend who is has been very resistant to letting me or anyone or 
herself try to end her death wish and painful way of being. But I'm gong to be 
very insistent in till she decides to try and save her life or tells me to get 
lost. The soft sell for 15 years has not worked. I all ready mailed her one 
of a letter. It got a thank you but has not worked magic yet. Tim


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