The mind is not separated from the body.  One of the practical meaning of 
sitting down is to put together mind and body.  The awareness of the in and out 
breathing acts as our anchor, our guard, our guide, our teacher, our 
friend...When a sensation, thought or whatever arises it's very easy to see 
through the breath the impact that does has over the body.  A person who 
observe the mind separated from the body is not doing the practice of zen 
To some of us undisciplined practicioners. with terrible habbit energies that 
pull us continuosly away from the buddha nature and finding in this way 
extremely hard the sitting down alone, we are the best to say that when we 
manage the discipline of that sitting down.  Taming in the process all that 
negative energies, etc...there is after a while holding there a natural arising 
of compasion, a natural very kind, caring, loving heart.  If the practice of 
sitting down doesn't bring the universal heart, syncronitation with all life, 
the universe..., I would say that the sitting down wasn't a real zen sitting 
Thanks for bell posting.

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Good morning to ALL,

Yesterday's class, we talked about what mind to observe.

Our Teacher taught us, detach from all the forms, sync with Buddha's 
heart. But what do we do, how do we begin?

We begin by constantly observing our mind at every moment. Is it 
active? differentiating? blaming? criticizing? looking for reasons? 
finding answers? confused? worried? etc.

If yes, then we are lost in forms.

If our mind is deep into any of the above states, then we are unaware 
how our body feels, unaware the needs of others, disconnected from the 
wisdom of the universe, disrupted the flow of the universal life force, 
shut the door for our heart to shine. In this state, our body, heart and 
spirit are no longer one.

In this state, we are living with our mind, which is filled with 
incomplete knowledge and interpretive experience.

And this mind darkened the power of our heart. Hindered our power to 
harmonize, fulfill and satisfied.

A liberated life is based on having a harmonious heart first, then using 
the mind only as a tool to execute. And not the other way around.

We can make our world more harmonious.

Sit down please.



Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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