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Unfortunately, so am I

>I adopted reading as a coping mechanism, and eventually started working my way 
>through the Sherlock Holmes collection.

At home, it is so easy to just sit and meditate, and I do calm down(except 
during one occassion). It's much harder on the road because I can't just stop 
my tracks and start breathing in the proper posture. So, I try my hardest to 
concentrate on my breathing whilst on the move, and saying something 
to the Heavenly Father as I go along

>he likens the mind to an attic. An attic only has limited space - so he 
>his knowledge carefully, so as not to "clutter up" his "mind-attic" with 
>knowledge. I found it a terrific analogy, and it seemed to help me to realize 
>that remembering >everything is not necessary, nay, it is detrimental to your 
>working mind. So now I don't feel so guilty about letting go of some useless 
>knowledge, when I realize that it's happened. :D

....(*smiles*)...Yep, I can relate to that....

in peace

>I've always been a worrier. 


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