Let go of discursive thinking, one female German zen master (who had the
Inka of a well-known Japanese Zen master), sugggested to me in Dokusan
at a sesshin, some three decades ago.


PS: She was as strict as a Prussian General, and commanded us not to
move at all - even when our noses were dripping. (Sit, Fido, sit! ;-))

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> ED,
> When you stand on the brink of a precipice, who do you kill?
> Anthony

> Anthony,
> As the saying goes, if you see Socrates and the Buddha on the road,
kill both.
> --ED

> > ED/Bill,
> >
> > In a discussion like this, I tend to follow Socrates' statement: 'I
know I don't know, while fools don't know they don't know.' But when I
stand on a precipice, I had better know better.
> >
> > Anthony

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