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> I fail to understand why you post third party readings without even a
little personal commentary.

Please do not let my deficiencies interfere with what you choose to do.

> Surely it is not the case that you regard the forum as the experts and
yourself as lacking a worthwhile perspective.

I think I possess an average sense of self-worth.

> If there is some lesson from the third parties, then no doubt it would
benefit from your underlining it a little.

All in due course.

> As you can see from the response even Edgar the moderator gets when he
posts long impersonal writings, the group favors writings that at least
smell like eyeball to eyeball interaction.
> Thanks, Chris Austin-Lane

I do what I do and I get what I get.  Thanks, ED

PS:  Please do say something about the book, but, naturally, only if you
choose to.

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