I can try to be receptive, but I also believe 88.88% of us are fixated on being 
right on our own beliefs.

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> ED,
> You begin to sound Communist. 
I can empathize with you on how you feel.
> Do I have to announce my 'motivation', when I ask you a question? 
It's optional, but if I am to spend time explaining to you how I understand 
Tibetan Buddhist Tantrayana, I need to assure myself that you are receptive, 
and are not fixated in being 'right' about some belief of yours about Tibetan 
Buddhist Tantrayana.
> Some years ago in China, you went to jail, or fared much worse, because they 
> thought you harbored 'bourgeois motivation'. 
> Anthony
Anthony, in my belief,  99.99% of us are not aware of our true motivation 
99.99% of the time.
PS: Hint: Actually, it's very simple: Deep down it's always the egocentric 
obsession of the "I/Me/Mine" (Austin's *operational* definition of 'ego'.)
> Anthony,
> Please look into your own mind and tell us what motivation (other than 
> curiosity) prompted you to ask that question.
> --ED
> PS: In Mahayana and Tantrayana Tibetan Buddhism, there is strong focus 
> on motivation.
> ED,
> Please find the most representative definitions of sex ritual. I limit you to 
> 3 of them. It is best if they shed light on the relationship with lust and 
> spiritualism.
> I am curious why Tantrism attaches so much significance to that.
> Anthony

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