Please find below and extract of our both conversation. 
ED: I could talk about zen practice. What sort of things should we talking 
about that would nourish zen practice?
Mayka: One could talk about any theme for as long as the energy of practise 
would be there. When the energy of the practice is there then the way of talks 
and chats addressed are very different. Yet there are words the same while 
communicating. However, I have to say that the energy of myself practice is not 
at all times there as the ego gets on its way.
ED: Have you recommendations as to how the Zen Forum should police (detect and 
weed out) 'the ego' from messages, which ego, in 99.9% of humans, comprises 
99.9% or more of 'themselves'
Mayka: Sit down
           Shut up
           And you will know
ED: And many happy returns of the same to you! ;-)
Mayka: Though your response may sound a clever answer. It's not. Remember who 
was you and not me who had the doubts here and asked the questions. I can't be 
decieved by anyone and neither you can.

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And many happy returns of the same to you!  ;-)
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Sit down
Shut up
And you will know 

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