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> Practice doesn't change the nature of what living is.
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> MEL: It doesn't change the conditions out there, but we can change from 
> within according to the BigMind, which is always in operation.

The zen practice I am getting trained in does not draw a line between
out there and within. 
MEL: Yes, that's the way it should be. Of course. Not 2 separate worlds, but 
one. Within, and without
conditions are conditions. It rains, I drop
dishes, i get mad, i get happy, the sun rises.

MEL: Buddha in action. All from Buddha, within Buddha, from Buddha..

Also, we change any ways, what ever we think about the way we are. 
MEL: Yes we do, and perhaps through various influences..such as Zen and zazen 
I am not completely against people trying to change, but I am skeptical.
MEL: The change I was thinking of was more of the gentler type. The effort we 
make in Zen practise would more likely be in the lines of....
- getting (i)proper nutrition, and (ii)sufficient exercise and rest
- putting body, mind, and spirit in proper order/place and therefore putting 
all without in their order/places
Just as a healthy rainforest thrives all by itself without being tampered with 
by Man, so it is with the natural, original order within
It seems to me most people would be better off trying to see their
life clearly and make the current instant better rather than have some
long term project to change themselves eventually. For me, such
projects have screwed up more than they have fixed. Tomorrow will
take care of itself.
MEL: Yes, I agree


I snipped the things I basically agree with. An enjoyable exchange, thanks.
MEL: Thanking you also
in peace


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