for sure. prob close in the next few weeks...

fwiw; something like:

$ pip install

appears to work OK on linux (need higher versions of cython and libuuid), still 
working on pyczmq. has an appveyor.yml file in there so can start looking at 
windows builds, [they obvs break atm]. have a few chat examples i’m cleaning up 

i added a pyzyre.utils lib in there too that leverages things like netifaces to 
help you figure out things like “give me an adapter and i’ll give you back the 
address” (for stuff like gossip…). helpers that make it easier to work with in 

more to come..

> On Oct 14, 2016, at 8:06 AM, Kevin Sapper <> wrote:
> It would be really great if we could integrate this into our automatic 
> deployment. Whenever the pip deployment is ready let me know then we can 
> integrate it in zproject.


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