Hello all,

we, the maintainers of the Piwi Framework are currently discussing if
we move to the ASF.

As you know, I am for quite a while working in several projects of the
ASF, including the incubator. For me it makes perfect sense to move
therefore. In addition we have already dependencies to Zeta and would
like to stick more to it. For example, Piwi has a few Dependency
Injection classes we could move to Zeta.

One of the problems we currently are facing is community. Piwi has
only a small community, users know each one face to face. There are
many strong frameworks out there, like the Zend MVC. This might be a
problem Zeta Components is facing too.

With moving Piwi Framework to the ASF and making it a main consumer
and contributor to Zeta Components both projects might benefit.

Anyway, to make this happen we need help. We are only two guys and
therefore we are looking for other Apache Committers who are
interested in stepping up as initial committers, mentors, champion.

Please shout, if you are interested or let me know what you think abou it


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