On 04/13/2012 10:30 AM, Julien Vermillard wrote:

> Due to the reasons exposed later, and mainly due to lack of activity :
>    [ ] +1 Retire the Zeta components project and move to another infra
> like github
>    [ ] -1 Do not retire the project, because ...

sadly, I did not find time to look into all this stuff. This also seems
the reason that Zeta is dying: Time lack.

I'm a bit sad, that Zeta is being closed down, but I think that it's the
logical way to go.

Since I won't find any time to take care for it in the near future, I
cannot go any other way than vote


for the retirement. If anyone feels to have the time for taking care of
the project, I'd be rather happy. However, due to business reasons, I
personally cannot.

Benjamin just proposed to move the code to a Github organization, which
I find the best solution for now.

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