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> Hi,
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> > sadly, I did not find time to look into all this stuff. This also seems
> > the reason that Zeta is dying: Time lack.
> >
> > I'm a bit sad, that Zeta is being closed down, but I think that it's the
> > logical way to go.
> I think the important part is that PHP is finally starting to have a
> reasonable infrastructure for having a proper ecosystem:
> * Composer for dependency handling and easy library publishing
> * PSR-0 for standard autoloading
> * GitHub for collaborative development
> * Travis for continuous integration
> These four combined make it much easier to publish simpler, more decoupled
> libraries that "just works". Node.js has a very similar infrastructure with
> NPM, and there indeed this has produced hundreds of compatible modules that
> are widely used, and that don't need any sort of monolithic project
> governance structure.
> I think there is still a place for an effort advocating library
> interoperability, quality and coding standards. Zeta could be that, but it
> needs to be part of this new ecosystem, not something standing outside of
> it.

Good points,

but don't we need to setup a light organization / project governance around
this, some people that have a stake in the project and can oversee the
github account[, merging pull requests], github webpages, travis setup and
potentially also do some release management.
For mail I guess we can use Google groups like php-fig does.

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