Mario Goebbels wrote:
>> WOW! This is quite a departure from what we've been
>> told for the past 2 years...
> This must be misinformation.
> The reason there's no project (yet) is very likely because pool shrinking 
> depends strictly on the availability of bp_rewrite functionality, which is 
> still in development.
> The last time the topic came up, maybe a few months ago, still in 2008, the 
> discussion indicated that it's still on the plan. But as said, it relies on 
> aforementioned functionality to be present.
I agree, it's on the plan, but in addition to the dependency on that 
feature it was at a very low priority.  If I recall, the low priority 
was based on the percieved low demand for the feature in enterprise 
organizations. As I understood it shrinking a pool is percieved as being 
a feature most desired by home/hobby/development users, and that 
enterprises mainly only grow thier pools, not shrink.

So if anyone in enterprise has need to shrink pools they might want to 
notify thier Sun support people, and make their voices heard.

Unless of course I'm wrong.... Which has been known to happen from time 
to time. :)


> -mg
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