Our "enterprise" is about 300TB.. maybe a bit more...

You are correct that most of the time we grow and not shrink... however, we are 
fairly dynamic and occasionally do shrink. DBA's have been known to be off on 
their space requirements/requests.

There is also the human error factor.  If someone accidentally grows a zpool 
there is no easy way to recover that space without down time.  Some of my LUNs 
are in the 1TB range and if that gets added to the wrong zpool that space is 
basically stuck there until i can get a maintenance window. And then I'm not 
that's even possible since my windows are only 3 hours... for example what if I 
add a LUN to 20TB zpool.  What would I do to remove the LUN?  I think I would 
have to create a new 20TB pool and move the data from the original to the new 
zpool... so that would assume I have a free 20TB and the down time....
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