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>>>>>> "j" == John  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     j> There is also the human error factor.  If someone accidentally
>     j> grows a zpool
> or worse, accidentally adds an unredundant vdev to a redundant pool.
> Once you press return, all you can do is scramble to find mirrors for
> it.

Not to detract from the objective to be able to re-shuffle the zfs 
storage layout, any system administration related to storage is risky 
business.  Few people should be qualified to do it.  Studies show that 
36% of data loss is due to human error.  Once zfs mirroring, raidz, or 
raidz2 are used to virtually eliminate loss due to hardware or system 
malfunction, this 36% is increased to a much higher percentage.  For 
example, if loss due to hardware or system malfunction is reduced to 
just 1% (still a big number) then the human error factor is increased 
to a wopping 84%.  Humans are like a ticking time bomb for data.

The errant command which accidentally adds a vdev could just as easily 
be a command which scrambles up or erases all of the data.

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